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New details reported on Patrick Kane investigation

The Buffalo News has the latest reported information on the Patrick Kane situation.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

(Ed. note: Some readers might want to avoid this post given that it contains reported details on the ongoing investigation involving Patrick Kane that might be considered disturbing or upsetting.)

The young woman that's accused Patrick Kane of rape "had bite marks on her shoulders and a scratch on her leg after the alleged attack" at his lakefront home in western New York last weekend, according to the latest report from the Buffalo News. The newspaper has been at the forefront of reporting the situation all week and now has more details on the investigation and alleged crime that occurred at the Chicago Blackhawks star's home in Hamburg, N.Y.

The News reports that Kane met the woman and a friend at SkyBar, a popular nightclub in Buffalo, last Saturday night before he allegedly invited them to his home "for a private party." The accuser alleges that the crime happened soon afterwards at the home when "she went by herself into another room, where Kane followed her, overpowered her and raped her."

The woman left Kane’s home with her friend and used a cell phone to call a relative immediately after the alleged attack. "A person who knows the woman described her as frantic and traumatized when she called her relative to report what happened," according to the report. After making the call, she then went to a local hospital for examination. Police were called afterward.

SkyBar's owner, Mark Croce, says he has no way of knowing what happened between Kane and a woman at the hockey star's home. He did tell the News that "he and several of his employees noticed a young woman 'hanging all over' Kane at SkyBar for at least two hours that night, putting her hands on his arms and 'being very forward, very flirtatious with him.'"

Croce also reportedly said "the woman and a female friend 'followed' Kane as he left the nightclub with a couple of male friends around 3 a.m. last Sunday." However, Croce was unsure if that's the same woman who has accused Kane of rape and the newspaper was also unable to confirm whether they're the same woman.

Kane reportedly wasn't acting inappropriately prior to leaving the bar. "I’ve got no skin in this game. I am only telling you what I observed," Croce told the newspaper. "(Kane) was acting like a typical young guy his age, out having fun with some of his buddies. A lot of people were coming up to him, asking to have pictures taken with him. He was a gentleman. Pat had a couple of drinks and maybe a couple of shots. He was having a good time, but he wasn’t stumbling or doing anything obnoxious."

A three-time champion and borderline legend in Chicago at age 26, Kane spent Saturday with the Stanley Cup in private while authorities await forensic evidence results after searching his home last Sunday. A private party at SkyBar with the Cup for Saturday was canceled, along with a trip to a local children's hospital. Police indicated forensic evidence results wouldn't be coming soon, so this is everything we know based on reports at this time.