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'At least five teams' have inquired on Patrick Kane's availability, per report

There will be trade options if the Hawks decide to move on from Patrick Kane.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

If the Chicago Blackhawks decide to trade Patrick Kane, they'll have options. "At least five teams contacted the Hawks" to inquire on Kane's availability after reports emerged that police are investigating allegations that the superstar forward raped a woman at his offseason home last month, according to Mark Lazerus of the Chicago Sun-Times.

It's unclear which teams reached out to the Hawks, who are still figuring out what to do with Kane and his $84 million contract while the district attorney's office determines whether to charge him with a crime. This shows that Kane's trade value around the league remains strong, however, even with the massive cap hit and legal questions surrounding him.

As Lazerus notes, trading Kane could potentially solve a lot of headaches for the Blackhawks with training camp just around the corner. "Yes, you’d lose one of the best players in the world. Yes, a segment of your fan base would be livid," Lazerus writes. "But you’d get a massive haul in return. You’d free up a massive amount of salary-cap room. And you’d earn a massive amount of respect for putting your foot down and saying enough is enough."

With the team being placed in a challenging position, a trade remains one of the team's options even if Kane doesn't get charged. Lazerus says the Hawks warned Kane in 2012 after his Madison escapades not to get into anymore trouble, making this something of a fourth strike. "As one team source put it, he 'disrespected' the team and his teammates by once again putting himself in a bad situation," Lazerus writes.

The Blackhawks haven't given any indication that they're willing to take the significant step of considering a Kane trade yet. It would certainly hurt on the ice to lose his special talent. But according to the report, "the Hawks have run out of patience" with his off-ice issues, and this could be the final straw.

September certainly isn't going to be boring.