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DNA evidence in Patrick Kane investigation reported by multiple sources

The latest reports on the Kane investigation.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Multiple sources are reporting that the DNA evidence test results in the investigation of a woman's allegations of sexual assault involving Patrick Kane "found no traces of Kane’s DNA on her undergarments or genital area." The Chicago Sun-Times confirmed a report by The Buffalo News detailing the new information.

"The lack of that DNA evidence does not necessarily mean a sexual assault did not occur, legal experts say, and the evidence involved in this type of investigation typically consists of more than just DNA. The investigation continues, and Kane has not been charged with any crime," according to The Buffalo News.

"Kane’s DNA was found beneath the woman’s fingernails and on her shoulders, according to two of the sources, one of them a member of law enforcement," the report added. It's unclear how exactly these developments will affect the investigation or decision of whether Kane gets charged.

When sources who discussed the DNA evidence were asked about the presence of Kane’s DNA on the woman’s shoulders and under her fingernails, three of the sources told The News that could have come from casual contact.

That could be true, but the DNA found under her nails could also indicate there was some kind of struggle, [former Erie County DA Frank J.] Clark said.

The case is expected to go to a grand jury starting later this month. Kane has denied the allegations.

Kane reported to Blackhawks training camp last week. The team begins preseason on Tuesday at the United Center.