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Lawyer for alleged victim in Patrick Kane case withdraws representation

Another bizarre turn in the Kane case.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The lawyer who was representing the accuser in the Patrick Kane sexual assault investigation has withdrawn from the case. Thomas Eoannou, who had been representing the alleged victim since the investigation began last month, announced his decision on the basis of ethical reasons during a news conference Thursday night.

The day before, Eoannou held a press conference to say that the alleged victim's mother had found what was believed to be an evidence bag from the investigation at her house. He requested an external investigation into how this could have happened, and Erie County district attorney Frank Sedita is set to hold a press conference Friday morning to discuss the claims of tampered of evidence. Both the Hamburg PD and Erie County Central Police Services have denied any issues in the handling of the case's evidence, which is in the police's possession.

Eoannou will no longer represent the accuser in the case because he "no longer has confidence" in the version of the story provided to him as to how the evidence bag was attained. He says he has no doubts about the alleged victim's claims of what happened on the night of the alleged crime, and says his ethical issues regarding the evidence bag are solely related to the alleged victim's mother. Still, he says his ethical obligations require him to step away.

It's unclear where the case goes from here, but we should get more information during the press conference with Sedita on Friday. The Blackhawks will be playing the Montreal Canadiens in their third preseason game on Friday night. Kane will not be present, as he and many other veteran players did not travel for the exhibition contest.