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Erie County DA says evidence bag was a 'hoax,' Patrick Kane investigation is 'ongoing'

There's still no timetable for a resolution in the Patrick Kane investigation.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The investigation into allegations of sexual assault against Patrick Kane remains ongoing after the bizarre developments over the past two days, Erie County district attorney Frank A. Sedita said during a press conference Friday. Sedita also described the chain of custody for evidence in the case after claims of tampering were made Wednesday, and said the alleged victim isn't believed to be involved in that situation.

Most of the news conference focused on claims of evidence tampering made by Thomas Eoannou, the accuser's former lawyer. Sedita directly refuted those claims by explaining how the evidence was handled by authorities, including a video feed of detectives with the evidence in police custody. He also noted that rape kits are placed in boxes, not bags as Eoannou had claimed.

Eoannou announced his decision to withdraw representation from the alleged victim Thursday on the basis of ethical reasons. He stated that he "no longer has confidence" in the version of events he was provided by the alleged victim's mother, which described how the evidence bag was acquired. Eoannou shared that information during a news conference Wednesday, but now it appears to have been inaccurate. As a result, he was ethically required to recuse himself from the case.

Sedita insisted several times that the investigation of sexual assault allegations isn't currently affected by the developments over the past two days. Only if it can be shown the accuser had knowledge of the situation with the evidence bag would that have an impact on the case.

It's unclear whether the case will still go to a grand jury, however. "The question in my mind isn't when this case will go to a grand jury; it's if this case will go to a grand jury," Sedita said.

There is no timetable for the investigation into allegations of sexual assault, Sedita said.