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Check out little Artem Anisimov!

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So young, so innocent, so unaware of what the future would bring.

Okay, who doesn't love pictures of hockey players from way back when? Before they were living the dream, and back when they were still dreaming it.

Artem Anisimov, now on All-Star vacation, has given us a throwback Thursday of just that:


A photo posted by Artem Anisimov (@artemanisimov15) on

Aw - so young, but already looking the part.

What I really love about this is looking at this picture alongside the other stuff he has up on his Instagram - like the stuff he has up with his own kid.

Адриана вчера провожала папу на игру! Adriana say goodbye before the game yesterday.

A photo posted by Artem Anisimov (@artemanisimov15) on

There's his daughter with her own jersey - maybe one day she'll have a picture just like her dad's, too.