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Patrick Kane got booed by NHL All-Star fans and John Scott couldn't get enough of it

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The Nashville crowd didn't hold back its boos for Patrick Kane during the player introductions at the 2016 NHL All-Star Skills Competition on Saturday night. The situation might have been a tad uncomfortable, except John Scott saved the day by laughing hysterically through whole thing:

The crowd then proceeded to give Scott a massive cheer when his name was announced. For two players who have been targets of controversy for very, very different reasons -- and, seriously, how did the NHL think Scott being here was a bad idea -- this was quite the scene to see Saturday night in one of the Hawks' biggest rival cities.

Why did Scott find it all so funny? Apparently Kane called this entire situation playing out before it happened.

Luckily John Scott is easily the best part of this weekend.

UPDATE: More boos for Kane at the All-Star Game intros on Sunday. No word is Scott was laughing this time, although he definitely was later on when the two players staged a fight.