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Andrew Shaw: 'John Scott for president!'

Andrew Shaw has the right idea.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Shaw's first season with the Chicago Blackhawks was the same year as John Scott's last, so there isn't much overlap there.

But the former Hawk has been the darling of the NHL all weekend long, with not just fans, but his own fellow players throwing their full support behind him. It all came to a head when Scott won the MVP award - and considering he scored two goals on the way, including the Pacific Division's first, it wasn't undeserved!

Shaw wants to take it one step further, though.

This is where we ignore that Scott wasn't born in the United States and is, therefore, ineligible to be America's President. John Scott transcends international borders.

... Besides, have you seen the field of candidates out there? He's gotta be a better choice than at least some of them, you know?

In all seriousness, though, here's Bryan Bickell with the more reserved, but just as meaningful take:

Once a Hawk, always a Hawk. Good on ya this weekend, Scott.