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Alex DeBrincat’s postgame suit was pure money

Keepin’ it classy, Mr. DeBrincat.

Alex DeBrincat, one of the Chicago Blackhawks’ best prospects, is currently playing for the Sarnia Sting in the OHL. He put up two goals and an assist in a win Wednesday night, which is pretty good. But his postgame attire was arguably even better:

Where do you go to buy a suit like this? How does the tailor react if you come in to get this thing trimmed? I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t really care, because ALEX DEBRINCAT IS WEARING A SUIT MADE OF MONEY. Dude hasn’t even signed a professional contract yet and he’s already wearing a suit of stitched together Benjamins. This is confidence I can appreciate.

DeBrincat already has six goals and five assists in his first four OHL games this season, but now I’m really on board the hype train.