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The Chicago Blackhawks are flying the W, too

Win game? Check. Cheer on other team to win right after? Double check.

It’s been a pretty busy time for Chicago sports, hasn’t it?

The Chicago Blackhawks are back, and while they’ve had a bit of a bumpy start to the season, they’re keeping themselves at .500. The latest win took them a little longer than they may have liked, the game going into a shootout and not ending until after 9 p.m. CT.

Which was probably good timing, in the end, because not too long after, the Chicago Cubs booked themselves a trip to the World Series.

And the Blackhawks were, evidently, ready to celebrate with them.

And not just these guys, even - one of the newest Blackhawks (though he isn’t there quite yet) is on board, too.

You could say it was a good night.