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Marian Hossa’s daughter squeezing his nose is the highlight of his 500-goal ceremony

A golden hockey stick is pretty good, but wasn’t the best part of Hossa’s pregame ceremony.

Marian Hossa recently scored his 500th NHL goal, so the Blackhawks celebrated with a ceremony before their game against the Kings. Most of it was quite good, but let’s be honest, the best part was clearly Hossa’s adorable daughter hanging with her dad. Honk honk:

In addition to that, Hossa got some fancy gifts from the Blackhawks, including a GOLDEN HOCKEY STICK:

The face of the stick is even engraved. Computer, enhance!!

The team also gave him a beautiful framed list of every single goal he’s ever scored in the NHL, a nice touch that’ll probably look good in the crowded room where he keeps all his hockey trophies.

But seriously, who cares about that, Hossa’s daughter just honked his nose. Easily the highlight of the night.