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Jonathan Toews is rooting for the Chicago Cubs to break the curse, too

GO BLACKHAWKS CUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Chicago Cubs are trying to win their first World Series championship in 108 years, so they need all the good luck they can get. Maybe having a three-time Stanley Cup-winning captain on their side will help a bit.

It's playoff time. #flythew

A photo posted by Jonathan Toews (@jonathantoews) on

Jonathan Toews knows a little something about coming through in the playoffs, right? Presumably he was attending the game in order to bless Wrigley Field like a championship-whispering shaman. Or maybe he just wanted to catch a game and a couple brews before he spends the next eight months on the grind.

Either way, the only thing missing was the Stanley Cup.

The Cubs beat the San Francisco Giants, 1-0, on Friday night thanks to a solo bomb from Javier Baez in the eighth inning, so Toews’ presence CLEARLY helped. If there wasn’t a dang hockey season around the corner, I might suggest he continue attending games as a good luck charm.

Oh well, that job might have to go to Bill Murray instead.