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Patrick Kane scores incredible goal while getting shoved to the ground by opponent

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Patrick Kane scored one for the year-end highlight reels against the Montreal Canadiens on Sunday night. The Chicago Blackhawks winger seemingly had nowhere to go as the defense hounded him in the middle of the ice, yet Kane somehow managed to fire a perfect shot past the goaltender while getting dragged to the ice.

This is an astonishingly individual effort. Kane easily could’ve lost the puck once the defenseman stepped into his way, yet he managed to deke inside and keep the puck. That’s not the most impressive part, though.

Kane still managed a great shot on goal even though Max Pacioretty was all over him. Kane was already losing his balance as he shot the puck, yet he still managed to get enough force behind it to beat Al Montoya. As for the accuracy, I mean, I have no idea how he pulled that off.

The goal continues a strong start to the season for Kane. He’s now up to six goals and 12 assists in 15-plus games, which puts him near the top of the NHL points leaderboard a year after running away with it.