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Joel Quenneville shows he’s still got stick skills in Blackhawks’ practice

Don’t forget Coach Q played in the NHL for a long time.

Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville spent over a dozen years as an NHL defenseman, so he can play a little bit. We got reminded that by The Athletic’s Scott Powers on Monday when he shared a little video of Coach Q poking pucks away from two of the team’s best players during practice.

This isn’t exactly Q chasing down Panarin and yanking the puck away from him, but props to the coach for showing some quick hands while some of the world’s best hockey players skated around him. I’d be happy if I could defend Panarin for like 10 seconds without falling on my face.

Then again, maybe Kane and Panarin were just being nice. You don’t want to piss off the boss by showing him up, after all.

Panarin eyebrows GIF