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WATCH: Duncan Keith plays hockey with local youth team

The kids had no idea Keith was going to be there, so they were taken completely by surprise!

Imagine: you love hockey; you love the Chicago Blackhawks. When you aren't watching them, you're out playing with your friends - and maybe even pretending to be the Hawks as you play.

So how cool would that be if one of the Blackhawks actually showed up to one of your games? Better yet, he played with you and your friends? And even better yet, it was Duncan Keith, one of the greatest defensemen in today's game?

That's what Algonquin's Geneva Cyclones got to experience, as Keith joined them in a Meijer store as part of Kraft Hockeyville. Keith reflected on how much it meant for him to take part in the event, especially as a father with his own son who will, some day, likely be playing hockey with his own friends, just as these kids were.

In the meantime, it shouldn't be a day they ever forget. And it's impossible to watch that video without smiling.