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WATCH: TCF Bank Stadium gets turned into a hockey rink

Time lapses are cool. Everybody likes watching time lapses.

Alright, who's excited for the Stadium Series tomorrow? The Chicago Blackhawks will be playing outdoors - um, again, but at least it's annoying a whole lot of other teams. (Maybe they should consider being good and popular, and then they'll get to play outside, too.)

By my count, that took the entire field and rink crew - who are heroes, for what it's worth - 12 days to do, all condensed down into one 40-second video.

Unfortunately, unlike has previously happened, it doesn't appear a bird decided to introduce itself up close and personal by sticking its face into the camera. Also, it rained one day, which probably wasn't fun.

Still - what is fun is going to be this game. The last time the Hawks played outdoors was for the 2015 Winter Classic, in which Patrick Sharp and Brandon Saad scored in the Hawks' 3-2 loss to the Washington Capitals at Nats Park.

... So there should be some new outdoor goal scorers tomorrow! Here's to righting the record with a win.