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Bryan Bickell almost gets in accident, has 'accident' as result

Thank goodness everyone's okay, although everyone's underwear might not be.

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

In the midst of trade deadline week, Bryan Bickell's hockey fate still remains undecided. Is he going to stay a member of the Chicago Blackhawks, or could he end up going to the Toronto Maple Leafs? We still won't find out for a while yet - and in the meantime, everyone's got their lives to lead.

And accidents to get into, as life would have it, as Bickell's wife, Amanda, recounted on Twitter:

Good on the guy for apologizing! But honestly, if I had to face down an - assumingly, at the very least, agitated - Bryan Bickell in real life, I'd need new underwear, too. So that's probably a fair trade off, considering it sounds like everything's okay.

Can't get injured before the trade deadline!