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WATCH: IceHogs goalie Michael Leighton wears GoPro during AHL Skills Competition

Rockford's starting goalie is rather chatty as he gives us his perspective.

This is fun.

With a .917 save percentage, Michael Leighton - the Rockford IceHogs' starter - has been one of the top goalies in the AHL this season. As a result, he was invited to the AHL All-Star Weekend, where he participated in the skills competition - dressed up with a GoPro, which is recording all the while.

In the video, you can see the humbler AHL All-Stars event as compared to the NHL's (and really, it's a bit nicer without all the unnecessary glitz and glam, I think) as Leighton chats it up with fellow All-Stars, takes selfies with fans, makes saves, gets scored on, and feels old (he is 34, which isn't old in general, but in the hockey world? Yeah, he's starting to get up there).

The entire video is just over six minutes in length, but it's so much fun to watch things from the perspective of a goalie you don't even notice.