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What's Your Goal 2015-16: Corey Crawford helps babysit, plays hockey with young Blackhawks fan

Chicago netminder is featured in the first #WhatsYourGoal video this year.

The Chicago Blackhawks are at it again with touching "What's your goal?" videos. That goal, for Emilie was to have to the Blackhawks help her babysit a boy named Ben, who was born with a condition that makes it difficult to use his arms and legs.

Crawford surprises Ben in his family's basement to start the day. "Corey!? Is that you? Where are your pads?" Ben says. Crawford helps Ben put on a sweater then they head outside to play some hockey on his driveway, and some more familiar faces appear. Forwards Andrew Shaw and Teuvo Teravainen join in on the fun.

"What do you say we show these guys how to play some road hockey?" Shaw says.

Ben's brother replies: "Street hockey" while wearing a Shaw sweater. Shaw quickly shoots back with, "oh, you're getting lippy already, are you kid? I'll meet you at center ice."

Ben gets the choice of which forward he wants on his team and he picks Teravainen much to Shaw's dismay. Ben then scores five-hole on Crawford and does a celly with Shaw.

Once the game wraps up everyone heads inside for some Mac and Cheese made by Crawford and Emilie. After some food, Crawford shows Ben Ben "One Goal III" and the Stanley Cup banners he's helped put up in the United Center.