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Scott Darling paid for a hotel and groceries for a stranger in need because he's the best

As if you needed another reason to root for the Blackhawks' goaltender, here's an amazing story.

Scott Darling took a challenging road to become an NHL player, and now that he's finally made it, the Blackhawks' goaltender is giving back. This story posted on Twitter, which Darling has personally confirmed, shows the kind of person that he is.

Darling, in another instance of stunning humility, responded to show his gratitude for being able to help:

For those unfamiliar with Darling's story, the 27-year-old reached the NHL last season after overcoming alcoholism and social anxiety issues in his early 20s. Darling had gone from top prospect to the brink of his career being over when he finally had the wake-up call and began to turn his life around.

Now the winner of a Stanley Cup and signed with the Hawks through next season, Darling is inspiration for the countless others who are presently dealing with their own challenges. That's not only because Darling proved you can overcome your own demons, but also because of his constant willingness to go above and beyond now that he's reached the big time.

Darling already has no shortage of fans in Chicago, but hearing stories like this, it should be impossible for anyone to root against him.