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Bowling with the Blackhawks: Moments from Brent Seabrook's Celebrity ICE Bowl

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Artemi Panarin shows off the best and worst of bowling in a single night!


It's a good thing the Chicago Blackhawks made so many of their deadline moves before the trade deadline - because the evening of, Brent Seabrook held his annual Celebrity ICE Bowl charity event. In it, he helps raise funds for the Inner-City Education (ICE) Program to help give low-income kids opportunities they may not have been able to afford otherwise - and attendees got to bowl with Blackhawks players.

All around, the entire event has to be awesome. Not only is it for a great cause - but bowling. With the Blackhawks.

The Chicago Tribune has photos from the event - and Tumblr users have uploaded snippets from the night as well.

For example: poor Artemi Panarin had at least one gutter ball last night.

But he also had a strike! So it evens out.

And possibly most important at all:

Niklas Hjalmarsson, Duncan Keith, and Seabrook's kids all have some pretty great moves to the best song in the world.