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Here's a pancake that looks just like Marcus Kruger

Is it... wrong to eat a pancake that looks like Marucs Kruger? Do I want to be right??


It's come to this. In mid-March, with the Chicago Blackhawks still vying for the top spot in the Central Division, we are talking about... pancakes.

In fairness, if you don't like pancakes, I don't know what to say to you.

WGN Radio had a lot of fun with pancakes this morning as they had food artist @drdancake on. A food artist is exactly what it sounds like: anything can be a medium for art, and in this case, that medium is food.

Clearly, the masterpiece of the morning was the pancake he made that looks just like the recently re-signed Marcus Kruger. Everyone loves Kruger (or at least, they dang well should), so celebrating his staying in Chicago should, of course, be commemorated via pancake.

Via Periscope, for now, you can watch how he was made:

And of course, the finished product:

That is a really good-looking pancake.