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Jonathan Toews, environmental activist

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From climate change awareness to where our food comes from, the environment is definitely on Toews' list of priorities.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

One of the major perks from Jonathan Toews taking to social media is we get to hear more from him. Not just that, but it's a medium he (presumably) is controlling his message, so it's another way to see just what's important to him.

And over the past few weeks, it's become increasingly clear: the environment is one of Toews' passions.

Toews' passion makes sense when you think about it: he's from Winnipeg, and via FTW at USA Today, he grew up camping and generally experiencing the outdoors. He even has a lake named after him in his home province.

Via FTW, Toews' starting point came when he started learning where his food come from - which is a pretty responsible path to take for a professional athlete. He's continued on that (see the second tweet), but has branched out to other aspects of the environment as well, including supporting the NHL's first Green Week, which ends tomorrow.