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SCH Ice Cold Podcast Episode 6, 3/20/16: Blackhawks' annual March swoon, Quenneville's lineups discussed

On the latest loaded Ice Cold Podcast, Robert and Adam discuss the Blackhawks' recent slump, the problems with Joel Quenneville's lineup decision making as well as the blessing in disguise with Corey Crawford's injury. They also touch on NHL expansion, some Batman vs. Superman hype or lack thereof, and more!

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

With the playoffs on the horizon, the Blackhawks seem to be in the midst of their annual March slump, as they try to right the ship and "flip the switch" for those games that matter. Robert and Adam discuss the level of concern there needs to be with the team's recent play and how it fits into past seasons. The guys also get into Joel Quenneville's sometimes questionable line-up combinations and the ideal pieces to throw out on the ice come mid-April. There's also some "Batman vs. Superman" pseudo-hype on one end, and more!

The overall rundown:

  • In the midst of the Blackhawks' seemingly annual February/March slump, it's time to discern the level of concern, if there's any at all.
  • Q for some reason taking his time to throw out the ideal line-up out there. (TVR/Ehrhoff/Mashinter/Weise etc. What's his thought process and what is the best possible combination the Hawks can throw out?)
  • Corey Crawford's recent upper-body injury. (Issue with his heavier than usual regular season workload. Is it a blessing in disguise? How much rest should Crawford receive in advance of the playoffs?)
  • NHL expansion is upon us with the 2017 expansion draft likely in June 2017. (Who are the guys the Hawks should protect from being picked and who are some guys they could think about making available? The benefit of expansion, etc.)
  • Adam has nothing but hype over the upcoming "Batman vs. Superman" while Robert is skeptical of Bat-fleck.

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