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Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane featured in new NBCSN playoff ad


It doesn't get much better than the playoffs, does it? And nobody knows this better than the Chicago Blackhawks: Stanley Cup champions three of the last six years, including just last season.

If this new promo from NBC Sports doesn't get you hyped up for the post-season, I don't know what will. Of course, Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane were going to be featured in it: they've been pivotal parts of all three championships, not to mention have led the Hawks well in the other three years, too. But the real treat comes from seeing older footage of them: when they were smaller, younger, less accomplished, though it was just around the corner.

"Push. Fall. Rise. Repeat," chants the ad, with one conspicuous absence at the end: rise, but no repeat, as the Hawks are lifting the Cup for the third time. It goes unspoken - but you can't help but mentally fill in the audio gap anyway because, well.

They've pushed, they've fallen, they've risen, and they're one of the few to repeat. Is it the playoffs yet?