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Jonathan Toews displeased Claude Giroux has the same tie as him

Toews is also pretty quick to want to burn it.

Jonathan Toews is a styling guy. Or, at least he thought he was.

Sportsnet had the Chicago Blackhawks' captain play a little game: match up NHL stars to the suits they're wearing. There was a little hiccup, though: Toews recognized one of the ties, so he thought it was him.

Except he wasn't an option. The tie, as it turned out, belonged to someone else: Claude Giroux.

"I'll have to burn that tie then," quipped Toews, going from 0 to 100 pretty quick. Was he still going to have to burn it back when he haphazardly guessed Joffrey Lupul? That's a perfectly fine tie, regardless of who else might be wearing it!

He got Brent Burns immediately, and after that, struggles - though he did pick Erik Karlsson correctly too - much to his frustration. Captain Serious, competitive in absolutely everything.

Though it's pretty awesome how he trashed Drew Doughty's sense of style - which makes sense because, well.

Next time, Toews should be included in the game! It would have been amazing if he'd guessed himself only to get it wrong.