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Eddie Olczyk hilariously analyzes young fan eating ice cream

"No drip, no nothing!"

Eddie Olczyk sometimes gets a hard time as an NHL analyst, and we as Blackhawks fans who are exposed to him regularly can tend to be a bit more harsh on him -- familiarity breeds contempt, after all. But if there's one fun thing about Edzo, it's his often-professed love for soft serve ice cream. During CSN Chicago's telecast of the Blackhawks 4-1 win over the Red Wings on Sunday, Olczyk got a chance to share his love of ice cream in a fun way.

This young child above is quite possibly the Jonathan Toews of soft serve ice cream consumption. He is going at that ice cream cone methodically, with calculated licks and a controlled aggression to be admired. Edzo loved it, and his analysis of the young man's ice cream eating was incredible.

Edzo is instantly impressed with the young man's impressive soft serve consumption. "Look at him go to town!" he exclaims, after encouraging the young man to breathe. But it gets even better when Edzo breaks out the telestrator to give us an in-depth analysis of the young man.

Some of my favorite quotes:

"How many licks to the center of a soft serve ice cream?!"

"Breathe, breathe... I sound like Ted Cruz right now."

"Watch this area here (points to the ice cream cone with the telestrator), and it's just all.. he's going to town!"

"No drip, no nothing!"

(After the kid takes a bite off the top) "OOOOH he went for the jugular!"

I don't know about you, but I might sit down to watch a soft serve ice cream eating competition if Eddie was breaking it down like this. I laughed out loud watching this, and I think it's cool to see the Hawks broadcast team having a good time in the booth between the periods.

(Video via Reddit Hockey)