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Jonathan Toews comments on the most important of topics: playoff beards

And, regarding one facial hair-challenged individual, mullets.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The playoffs are soon! The Chicago Blackhawks will once again be competing for the Stanley Cup, and with it comes the annual tradition of growing a playoff beard.

Jonathan Toews (and his soon-to-form mutton chops, I assume) has opinions on a couple of his teammates' performances regarding said incoming playoff facial hair.

The Hawks have had success with a certain playoff mullet out and about on the ice, and hockey players are nothing if not superstitious...

This is why Andrew Ladd was brought back, right? With all the young players the Blackhawks have relied on to fill out their roster, there can be some... struggles, there. Ladd, however, does not struggle. Give Ladd some more time to really get things going, and his beard will be majestic.

And really, that's what's important here. Go beards. (And the one mullet.)