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Blackhawks cups inadvertently sent to St. Louis Dunkin' Donuts location

St. Louis finally got a cup.


Shipping error has left a bitter taste in the mouth of St. Louis Blues fans.

A shipping mix-up resulted in cups that read "Official coffee of the Chicago Blackhawks" being delivered to a St. Louis area Dunkin' Donuts location, according to KMOV, a local CBS affiliate.

The Kirkwood location sold coffee in the Blackhawks cups, which KMOV showed to Blues fans entering Scottrade Center for Game 1 of the Western Conference first-round series featuring the two rivals Wednesday.

"That's disgusting. They can't do that here," said one fan.

Dunkin' Donuts released the following statement to KMOV:

Due to an untimely shipping error from the regional distribution center. Being a local business owner and fan of the hometown team, the franchisee plans to switch out the cups as soon as they receive a new shipment.

On Wednesday, KMOV reported the Kirkwood location is no longer selling coffee in the cups.

For one day, St. Louis had a cup.