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Andrew Ladd playing with hospital bracelet still on

Ladd's third child entered the world just four days ago. He's giving it all to both his family, and the Blackhawks.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

These playoffs have been more eventful for Andrew Ladd than anyone else. He almost missed Game 1 due to the impending birth of his third child; then, said child was born the day after. It was a lot of back-and-forth traveling for Ladd to be both with his family in Chicago and his team in St. Louis.

The series has moved back to Chicago now, though - and Ladd still has his hospital bracelet.

There doesn't appear to be anything seriously wrong - Ladd is still playing, after all - and it's likely precautionary. After all, newborn babies require a lot of care!

This has left Ladd to juggle both work and family at two pivotal points, but as he told Chris Kuc in the Chicago Tribune:

"You just get used to mentally being able to focus on both at the same time."

Lad hasn't recorded any points in the first round series just yet; he has, however, racked up 12 shots and 21 hits while averaging 18:11 a night, so you know he's giving it his all.