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SCH Ice Cold Podcast, Episode 10 - Early playoff reactions

Robert and Adam discuss the first three games of the Blackhawks-Blues series, plus air some grievances about some Blackhawks' brass.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

It wouldn't be a Hawks' postseason without making matters more difficult. After stealing home ice from St. Louis in Game 2, the Blackhawks had every opportunity to win Game 3 at home and take the series advantage but instead lost. They now stand at the edge of where games may soon become must wins unless they can pick their play up. Before Robert and Adam break down the first few games of this series, be prepared for a rant on Joel Quenneville and Stan Bowman in putting Chicago in this position. It was necessary venting. Otherwise, there's reasons to be positive and expectations of a better closing product through the rest of this series. Still, how much longer can the Chicago top six fail to produce and what's wrong with Teuvo Teravainen's line? And are these early struggles really just happening because the guys aren't properly following their superstitions?

The overall rundown:

  • Hawks have fallen behind the Blues 2-1 in their playoff series. Has a porous defense and non existent third line betrayed them early on?
  • Chicago is in this position because of some poor moves by those in management. Adam and Robert air their grievances about Joel Quenneville and Stan Bowman's recent decisions (don't worry, they still like them, but they have some issues).
  • Why has the top six struggled to produce in a really even series? Despite their sometimes porous defense and otherwise, is it really puck luck or otherwise that has carried play so far?
  • Reasons for hope and optimism. Things to like that need to continue for Chicago to advance and beyond. *Cough* Corey Crawford *Cough*
  • Overall predictions on second half and outcome of this series. Will there be another playoffs podcast this season? Spoiler alert: Yes. *both knock on wood*
  • Why the guys have an inherent insane problem with their fandom of the Hawks and why it drives them crazy. These are playoff superstitions they'd rather not admit that have helped win Cups after all.

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