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Busch Stadium played 'Chelsea Dagger' and St. Louis fans hated it

Thanks for the show of support, Cardinals!

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the scene: the Chicago Cubs are in St. Louis for a three-game series against the Cardinals. It's the first game of the series, the Cubs are winning 5-0, and Busch Stadium plays... Chelsea Dagger.

Wait, what? St. Louis... are you okay? Are you guys paying attention?

It's not often a sports team lays claim to a song, but by this point, I'm pretty sure most fans associate The Fratelli's 'Chelsea Dagger' with the Chicago Blackhawks. It's a catchy tune a very successful franchise has been using as its goal song; it's only natural.

So for St. Louis' baseball team to be playing the song... as they're losing... while their hockey team is in a playoff series with the Blackhawks... is... odd? Yes, let's go with odd.

But also, pleasing. St. Louis fans, meanwhile, are not happy about it:

Music to our ears, in more ways than one.