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WATCH: Corey Crawford really, really loves Turtle Wax

Evidently, the Blackhawks' goaltender likes things to be clean and shiny.

It's ads like these that can make commercials worth watching. That isn't always the case - but when they star one of the Chicago Blackhawks, and when said Hawk does his job well, then, well - this is an extremely cute commercial, and Corey Crawford plays his part spectacularly.

Turtle wax! Use it to keep your car shiny, clean, and protected. Or your zamboni. Or your goalie helmet. Or your teammates' visors. Or your goalposts. Or your rink. Or... yourself?

Crawford gets very enthusiastic in this commercial, and honestly, it's a delight watching him steadfastly clean everything he possibly can with the Turtle Wax he has, apparently, stolen from the zamboni driver (though he does give it back). That shows passion for his gear and his home rink! How else can he put on a great show without everything in tip-top shape?

"Frickin' right, Corey," indeed. He did a great job.