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Vince Hinostroza's dog has the best honorary playoff beard

The Rockford IceHogs are in the playoffs, and you know what that means: playoff beards!


Vince Hinostroza has a lot of things. He has 51 points through 66 games for the Rockford IceHogs this season, good for the lead in team scoring. He also has seven NHL games with the Chicago Blackhawks under his belt; he may have picked up no points, but he did make his NHL debut as a 21-year-old, which is still pretty awesome.

Most important of all, though: he has a dog, Donnie.

A dog with a playoff beard, as he apparently tried to enter the IceHogs' Snapchat beard contest.

What's the bet that, no matter how deep Rockford goes into the Calder Cup Playoffs, Hinostroza's dog's beard is always going to be better than his? I'm going with a very high probability of that being the case.