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Artemi Panarin, Vladimir Tarasenko steal the show in the handshake line

Tarasenko wanted the Blues to pick up Panarin. They didn't. But they're still great friends.

Okay, so the handshake line didn't go quite the way we wanted it to. But at the very least, it came at the end of an extremely intense, hard-fought, and close - six of the seven games were decided by just one goal - series. If you have to go out in the first round, at least it stayed intense until the very end.

And though it was Troy Brouwer, the former Chicago Blackhawk that scored the series-winning goal, it's still nice to see him in the handshake line. With so many playoff series between the St. Louis Blues and the Hawks, there's some animosity built up there; Brouwer's pretty new to the other side of the rivalry, though, and clearly still has buddies on the team.

The best part of the handshake line, however, undoubtedly went to two Russians: Artemi Panarin and Vladimir Tarasenko.

And a reminder that the Hawks did win one thing: Panarin. Because Tarasenko knew Panarin, had played with him before, and really, really wanted the Blues to pick him up...

... but it was ultimately the Hawks who got him, leading to that very bittersweet moment in the handshake line.