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WATCH: That time the Chicago Blackhawks played against Sesame Street

Grover scores a goal on Tony Esposito. Grover is that good.

From the Chicago Film Archives, we have a glorious piece of work: 16mm footage of the Chicago Blackhawks playing a game against various Sesame Street characters, back in the 1970s.

In it, we see:

  • The Sesame Street characters skate! That... probably wasn't easy.
  • Cookie Monster is an extremely excitable goalie. Really, it just makes sense; a puck is the same general shape and size as a cookie, so he can gobble 'em right up.
  • Bert comes streaking in from out of nowhere. Later, he commits goalie interference on Grover's goal. But you can't take that goal away from Grover - he's so excited about it! Sorry, Tony Esposito.
  • Big Bird is a physical monster. He may lose the puck in his feet once or twice , but if you were Big Bird, you'd probably lose it, too. Besides, he's really giving it his all. Can he play on the fourth line for cheap?

Something like this calls for a modern day reenactment. Though I'm not sure if Corey Crawford would take as kindly to goalie interference as Esposito did...