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Divvy releasing 10 Blackhawks bikes in Chicago through the playoffs

Want to ride around in style? All you gotta do is find one of these bikes.


Okay, now this is an awesome way to spread the Blackhawks love even further through Chicago. The 10 bikes - which all spell "BLACKHAWKS" together, so they might look a little more odd on their own - are coming out in celebration for the Hawks making the playoffs for the eighth straight year, and in hopes 2016 will be just as good a year for them as recent ones have been.

So basically, they're going to be the best-looking bikes around. And the Blackhawks really want to share the love - find a #BlackhawksBike and share it online, and you'll get the chance to win stuff. Winning stuff is great!

In celebration of all this, here's a picture of Marcus Kruger on a bike. It's not a Blackhawks bike - but it is from the Sochi Olympics, when all the Swedes were biking everywhere, so it's still pretty awesome, too. Via hockeyswede on Tumblr:

(Now, if we can get Kruger on a #BlackhawksBike...)