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Blackhawks playoff picture: April 9

Here's a look at the Blackhawks' playoff positioning heading into Saturday's game.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Blackhawks have one game left in the regular-season and are fighting for playoff positing. Each day until the end of the regular-season, we'll breakdown their seeding chances in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Friday's results

Columbus beat Buffalo in the only game. Both teams have been eliminated from playoff contention, so there's no impact on the playoff race.

Saturday's scoreboard watch

Chicago is locked into third place after an overtime loss to St. Louis on Thursday. The Stars are in first place based on regulation/overtime wins (ROW) tiebreaker, which they lead 47-44 over St. Louis, both teams have 107 points. The Stars would win the Central Division and Western Conference with a victory over Nashville even if St. Louis beats President Trophy winner Washington based on ROW tiebreaker. A tie in points means second place for St. Louis.

The Hawks will draw either Dallas or St. Louis, whichever team fails in the title race, in the first round. Minnesota will face the division champion. If St. Louis wins in any fashion and Dallas gets one or no points, Chicago will face Dallas. Any other outcome means Chicago faces St. Louis.

In the Pacific Division, the Kings hold a 46-41 ROW advantage over the Ducks. The Kings can win the division with a victory over Winnipeg in their season finale. The Ducks, who play Colorado, have two games remaining and will need some help from the Jets to win the division. San Jose hosts Arizona, but like Chicago are locked into third.

Why is the Pacific race relevant? The conference final is decided by points, not seeding. The Hawks have 102 points, while the Kings have 101 and the Ducks have 99. Of the three Cup wins this decade, Chicago only held home-ice advantage in the conference final in 2013.

Blackhawks' schedule

Columbus Saturday Columbus