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Jonathan Toews off-season status update: Still out of shape

Somebody help him.

When we last left Jonathan Toewshot yoga had bested him and left the Chicago Blackhawks' captain convinced he was out of shape. Which is a distressing thought, considering how he's an extremely dedicated professional athlete and most of the rest of us are, well, not.

Well, good news! He's given us an update! Bad news, he still feels out of shape.

While it's true that it is only May and Toews still has quite a few months yet to recover and get ready for the next season, dude. Come on. You can't actually be out of shape, right? Again, I implore, if you're out of shape, what does that mean for the rest of us?

Off-season Toews on Twitter is great though. Of course he's being his usual silly self since he got it, but getting a glimpse into his workout regime is pretty cool, too.

I wonder not only what he'll try next - but also when he'll finally declare himself in shape. I could see this being a long-con throughout the summer...