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SCH Ice Cold Podcast, Episode 13: Killing Time with Pat Iversen

Adam and Robert are joined by Pat Iversen to do some offseason hockey talk.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

There's still plenty to talk about in the hockey world that doesn't involve the Blackhawks in the offseason and Robert and Adam get some help from Pat Iversen to do so. What ensues is a conversation on the ongoing conference finals series, what went wrong with some unfortunate trades by the Hawks earlier this year, a very thorough breakdown of what the guys have liked and despised with "Captain America: Civl War" and "Game of Thrones", and more!

The overall rundown:

  • Joined by SBN NHL's Pat Iversen (notice the spelling difference, not related to Allen Iverson), as he rubs in the Stephen Johns and Trevor Daley trade wounds. What was that thought process like? (We remind him of the Dallas goalies)
  • What went wrong with the Stars and where do they go from here?
  • The signing of Gustav Forsling to an ELC and expectations for the 19 year old potential star from here on out (Wiki-leaks?)
  • Eastern Conference Final: How has Phil Kessel stolen the spotlight in Pittsburgh? Star narratives on Steven Stamkos and Sidney Crosby (no JR takes here)
  • Western Conference Final: The Sharks are an unstoppable and immovable object that it seems the Blues have no answer for. (Clearly a cliche "will to win here" or something)
  • Conference/Stanley Cup Final picks. Conn Smythe Winner (Sticking to your guns)
  • A lengthy discussion on "Civil War". What the movie got right and how the universe moves forward with some flaws. (Spiderman best)
  • A lengthy discussion on "Game of Thrones". How moving away from the book has made the show more entertaining than ever.
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