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SCH 30 Days of Fandom: Your biggest hockey superstition?

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Our 30 day series continues.

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With the Blackhawks bowing out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs in the first round for the first time since 2012, we have a much longer offseason to fill with content and fun than normal. One of the ways we have decided to that is to do this 30 day "challenge" in which we will present a topic for you, the SCH commenters and community, to answer. Every day for 30 days we will have a new topic to discuss in the comments.

Please remember that not everyone's opinions are the same. We ask that you do not mock others for their opinions that are different than yours. Everyone's varying opinions are good to help create discussion, and we can come to know each other a little better through this exercise.

Stick tap to Cageside Seats, SBN's Pro Wrestling blog, for the idea.

Note: Sorry for missing yesterday folks. I thought I had scheduled the post but I had not. I guess this is a 31 day challenge, now.


Day 10: Your biggest hockey superstition?

Adam: For some people, this might only apply to the playoffs. I am one of those people, as my superstitions only come to the forefront for the postseason. But others may hold their superstitions all season long. Anyway, onto my biggest superstition. For me, it's all about the shirt/jersey I wore for the previous win. If the Hawks win a game, I have to wear the exact same shirt, jersey, or combination thereof for the next game as well. When they lose, I move on, and I rarely go back to the same combinations. Sometimes, if I wore something like sweatpants or athletic shorts, this also applies to those things, but I try to avoid wearing my clothes too often for fear of lack of hygiene.

So, sound off below. What's your biggest hockey superstition?


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