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Niklas Hjalmarsson the latest Blackhawk to join social media

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Hjammer is now on Twitter.

Blackhawks Twitter had a special moment earlier this year when captain Jonathan Toews joined the platform in February. I guess Niklas Hjalmarsson saw all the fun Toews was having and decided he couldn't miss out because the defenseman made his grand entrance to the social media world on Sunday.

While the account is not verified yet, we've seen Hjalmarsson imposters in the past get called out by his wife, Elina. In this case, however, she was the one to confirm that her husband has indeed jumped into the Twitter waters.

In addition to Twitter, Hjalmarsson also joined Instagram, which you can follow here.

Let's hope Niklas plans on giving this social media thing some serious run because the Hawks have had a pretty good thing going lately between ToewsAndrew Shaw and Scott Darling. If the team loses Shaw this offseason, we may need to cross our fingers Hjalmarsson can fill the void with photos of his adorable family and the Swedish countryside.

Then again, I don't think Toews would give Hjammer nearly as hard a time as he gives Shaw in public. The captain didn't waste any time welcoming Hjammer to Twitter:

I am hopeful this will lead to an offseason of social media shenanigans.