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Chicago Blackhawks cast as Star Wars characters

May the Fourth be with you.

Blackhawks TV

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away where Blackhawks are Star Wars characters...

Jonathan Toews as Obi-Wan Kenobi

The outspoken Jedi Master always leads by example. He's mentored Anakin and Luke in his time as he quietly builds his own legend for the light side of the Force.

Patrick Kane as Anakin Skywalker


Marian Hossa as Yoda

Yoda is elderly, wise, has achieved the pinnacle of Jedi skills and is still a badass in old age. Sounds like a certain Slovakian demigod we know and love.

Coach Q as Mace Windu

One of the more powerful and bad ass Jedi Masters was one of the few to see through Palpatine's evil plan. However, he pulled the trigger too late as he seems to get in his own way more often than he should.

Stan Bowman as Mon Mothma

Ever the calm leader, he realizes that sacrifices have to be made for the cause (poor Bothan spies).

Gary Bettman as Emperor Palpatine

The man who organized Order 66 (multiple lockouts) continually exercises a cold and measured plan for the Empire. There seems to be no end in sight for the reign of the hated ruthless dictator. Is there a hero in the wings?

Teuvo Teravainen as Rey

Mostly new to the scene, opinions are split on their presence in their respective franchises. But we all know the detractors are just flat out wrong, because they're awesome.

Artemi Panarin as Luke Skywalker

A stranded orphan on Tatooine (Russia) had no proper idea of his true destiny. Little did he know that he would soon step out and lead the fight against the Dark Side.

Artem Anisimov as Finn

After being cast as just another moving part in the evil plot of the dark side (the Blue Jackets), he was able to find the light and become a hero.

Brandon Saad as Kylo Ren

Once a young and spry potential hero of the light, the draw of the dark side was too much for him to overcome.

Corey Crawford as Chewbacca

The lovable and furry companion is to be found backstopping Han. While not always appreciated by all, his beastly rise has had Rebel forces take note of his power.

Duncan Keith as Han Solo

On the side of the good guys, but can make reckless decisions at times.

Brent Seabrook as Qui-Gon Jinn

Mentored the young Obi-Wan in his more hot-headed moments. Has impressive hair, even in the midst of the action.

Niklas Hjalmarsson as Princess Leia

No one seems to be able to deal with as much punishment as Leia and still gracefully persevere. With Han encased in carbonite this season (suspended), she showed off plenty of prowess.

Marcus Kruger as R2-D2

Under-rated and versatile, this little guy is vital to the success of the enterprise.

Andrew Shaw as C3PO

C3PO means well but tends to be annoying. Shaw means well but tends to be annoying.

Trevor van Riemsdyk as BB-8

Adorable, young, and ever trusted by his master (or coach).

Richard Panik as Poe Dameron

While Poe and Panik can both disappear unexpectedly, they wound up playing a bigger role than first expected.

Scott Darling as Lando Calrissian

Doesn't have the biggest role. Is a good guy who sometimes doesn't do good things, but is still a fan favorite.

David Rundblad as Jar-Jar Binks

Often looks like he doesn't know what he's doing out there, but somehow comes along for the ride and ends up with his name on a shiny trophy. Some people think he's a plant for the dark side.