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Artem Anisimov bought a Lincoln Park mansion

No, not Jonathan Toews'. A different one.

While one of the Chicago Blackhawks doesn't feel the need for a mansion in Lincoln Park, another one, evidently, does.

Around the time reports came out about Jonathan Toews selling the mansion he bought - downsizing, because even he doesn't need that much room - Artem Anisimov was busy buying his own place in the area.

Toews' place was a 6,400-square-foot, five-bedroom mansion; Anisimov's new digs are 6,650-square-feet with six bedrooms, according to the Chicago Tribune. The Hawks did sign Anisimov to a five-year, $22.75 million deal when they got him, so he must be ready to live in style in Chicago for a while now.

It makes sense he might want the space where Toews didn't - after all, Toews isn't at the stage of having a family like Anisimov just yet.

Едем навстречу приключениям. Going for adventures!

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His new, renovated mansion cost him $3.435 million, and includes features such as seven bathrooms, three fireplaces, a guest suite, rec room, and two open roof decks, plus more.

If you want to go on a virtual tour of sorts of Anisimov's, Redfin has pictures for us. And wow, it looks gorgeous - very roomy with a ton of natural lighting, massive walk-in closet, exercise room, and outdoor decks with great views of the city.

Ah, to be a professional hockey player and get to live that life.