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Jonathan Toews' off-season: keeping his brain in shape

We can (and, perhaps, should) treat this as a recommended reading list.

Hot yoga and pilates may have conquered Jonathan Toews, but you know he's on top of things. For one thing, they're probably just temporary setbacks; for another thing, there's more to athletics than just the body.

So while the Chicago Blackhawks' captain may be out of shape - and I'm going to keep going with this angle until he refutes it, which he has yet to do - you know his brain isn't.

Since Toews joined Twitter, we've gotten to see a more thoughtful side of him. Since he joined Instagram, we've... gotten to learn he's on vacation. And while he's taking some well-deserved time off and relaxing, he brought some reading!

(... Nice feet...?)

There's a lot of variety in his book selection, but they all look rather educational. We know Toews really takes great care in what he puts into his body, so The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance seems like an obvious one for him to get into.

There's also Power Up Your BrainThe Art of Learning, and The War of Art - three books that should all help keep Toews' brain in shape. That's some pretty intense off-season reading.

You know what Toews should do? Now that he's shown us his list, he should get a Blackhawks book club started up. Get the rest of his teammates involved. Because that would be awesome.