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SCH Ice Cold Podcast Episode 15: Trying to talk about Teuvo

Post Stanley Cup Final, the guys find themselves in mourning. Bryan Bickell and his contract have finally been traded but this time, so has our special boy in Teuvo. Robert, Adam, and Brandon break the trade down from why it was done, ramifications for the future, and more.

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The Stanley Cup Final has officially ended and with that, the beginning of the NHL offseason is fully underway. Wasting no time to work around the tight salary cap, the Blackhawks finally traded away Bryan Bickell's albatross contract but at a cost; losing another promising young player in Teuvo Teravainen. In a less than happy mood, the guys break down the trade, look at the Hawks' future, wonder how much the "window" has been closed now, and more.

The overall rundown:

  • SCH writer, Brandon Cain, joins Robert and the newest Hurricanes fan, Adam, to grieve over Teuvo.
  • Why did the Blackhawks make this deal and is this a worrisome trend?
  • The value of Andrew Shaw and why the Blackhawks may prefer keeping him in the short term. (There might be a strong sports hate here)
  • A look at lost Blackhawks prospects over the past year as well as current guys to look forward too.
  • Justifying as to why Teuvo may not have always succeeded or played well in Chicago and what to expect from him in Carolina.
  • Whether Chicago wins another Cup in the Toews-Kane era
  • RIP #FinnishCold (and other fan favorites)
  • Stanley Cup wrap: Why did the Penguins win it and what can the rest of the league, including the Hawks, take away from their win? (The cap is an enemy)
  • Euro 2016 perspective, winner, and rooting interests. Spoiler alert; we are heavy on the red and white as well as the Azzuri. (Sponsor us Three Floyd's)

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