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Artemi Panarin a reminder not all good players come from the draft

Sportsnet has named him to their all-star undrafted team - which makes sense, because he's very good.

When you're a perennial contender like the Chicago Blackhawks are, you don't get many high draft picks. That time has long since come and gone for the Hawks: they got Jonathan Toews, they got Patrick Kane, and basically everybody else was acquired later on (Duncan Keith as a second round pick seems inconceivable now. Trevor Daley was picked 11 spots ahead of him!).

However, that doesn't mean you ignore the draft. It's still vital towards building and maintaining a team. And with the Hawks not picking until the 50th selection this year, they not only have to be smart with their picks: they have to get creative, as well.

Artemi Panarin was one of the best ways of doing that, as evidenced this past season. The move paid off in spades: he was instantly a top 10 scorer in the NHL. He's great proof that the draft isn't the be all, end all - and even the experts can sometimes get it very, very wrong.

Getting the high draft picks certainly helps; this is how you continue to thrive without them.