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Jonathan Toews celebrates Father's Day

Bonus: little Toews!

There are a couple of people to thank for Jonathan Toews, but at the very top of that list are his mom and dad. For one thing, he literally wouldn't exist without them; for another thing, they clearly raised him right. That's a ton of behind-the-scenes work over years and years and years we weren't ever going to be witness to, but they did a stand up job.

So it only makes sense that, on Father's Day, Toews gives his dad the shoutout he deserves. And now that Toews is on social media, he can easily spread it to the masses!

Happy Father's Day to the best coach, mentor, handyman and hockey rink builder I know. Love you.

A photo posted by Jonathan Toews (@jonathantoews) on

Look at how fantastic his dad's mustache is - and how tragic it is Toews did not seem to inherit it. On the other hand, Toewsface has clearly been around his entire life, and that's precious.

Hope you've been having an awesome day, Papa Toews.