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Jonathan Toews joins Instagram

He's spending his off-season wisely.

First, everybody loved Jonathan Toews. Then, he joined Twitter, and everyone loved him even more. It's a long off-season without the Blackhawks, after all, and that means quite some time without Toews.

So it's great he's joining social media so even if we can't see him on the ice, he's still chatting it up with his fans, in a way - plus showing a lot of personality!

And now, he's added another online outlet: Instagram.

First post on Instagram and first night in London with my amazing travel companion.

A photo posted by Jonathan Toews (@jonathantoews) on

Vacation in London with good company? It probably doesn't get any better than that. How many of his exploits we'll hear of from there is uncertain - probably not a ton - but Toews' willingness to join social media this season is giving us more than we got before, and it's pretty awesome.