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New Blackhawks pick Nathan Noel got the best surprise on draft day

Here's what you do when you AREN'T at the draft.

Maybe the saddest thing I ever heard at an NHL draft came at the end. It was 2011, in Minnesota, and as people were clearing out the building, I overheard someone say, "Don't worry - it just means you'll go in the first round next year."

Hockey players will attend the draft, but that doesn't mean they'll leave with a new jersey, a new favorite team. It can be agonizing to wait in those seats, but I can't imagine how much worse it gets when your name is never even called.

I don't know whether or not Nathan Noel was in Florida, waiting for his name to be called at the 2015 year draft, his first year of eligibility. But I do know he wasn't there when his name was called in 2016 - because he was at a Play On! street hockey tournament instead.

That has to be an amazing feeling. Maybe the draft is in the back of your head, but you didn't see the point in going - only to get the biggest surprise of your life anyway.

That's, no doubt, an incredible moment. Here's hoping all the best for Noel in his journey with the Chicago Blackhawks - he's already got one hell of a story.